What Is A Website ?

A website is a single or collection of web pages (which are accessed through the Internet). As an example now you are also in a web page which created by the best Sri Lankan web development company, The Creative Momenta. Also a web page is content what you see on the screen when you type a web address (URL), click on a link, or write a query in a search engine search box.

A web page can contain many types of information, with the medium of text, color, graphics, animation, sound and video. When somebody gives you their web address, it normally takes you to their website’s home page, which may introduce you to what type of service that site offers what type of information does it has. As an example, just have a look on the best Sri Lankan Web designing and SEO service Company web address www.creativemomenta.com. It does contain about the services we offered like web designing, search engine optimization, digital marketing and the our web designing prices as the best and a #1 ranked web designing company in Sri Lanka. From the home page, you can click on the links to be reached other pages of the site. Basically a website can have one page, or more pages, depending on the information taht the site owner is trying to achieve.

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